Fan Page

From their first appearence, Brick and the crows have had fans. There seems to be something about Brick, and his love/hate relationship with his sarcastic corvine companions that strikes a real chord in people. I don't pretend to understand it, I'm just humbly glad for it.

At the suggestion of one of their fans (thanks, Mo!) I set up this page on the website as a place where fans could share their comments, artwork, and other RailWalker related stuff.

At the moment, all I've got is a bunch of emails saying stuff like "RailWalker is cool!" and the like, which might be good for my ego, but isn't really that interesting to share. I'm looking into what's involved in setting up something like a threaded discussion forum, but that's still in the investigation stage.

And then, there's "Stickwalker":

Closest thing I've got to fan art so far. RailWalker is probably best known for the RailWalker at Rites series, where Brick attends the Rites of Spring festival. The series not only ran on the web, but strips ran daily in the "Writes of Spring" broadsheet. Seems last year, the folks at the Firedance festival were feeling a bit Brick-deprived, so someone started leaving stick figure pastiches of RailWalker each day on the white board at the dining hall. My thanks to Bryce & Jenny, who attended Firedance last year (I couldn't make it), and were kind enough to send me some photographs of some of the strips, one of which is shown above.

Hey, it's what I've got, okay?

If you're a RailWalker fan, and want to contribute to this page, write to me at . Comments, questions, art, and whatever, is welcome. Oh, and by all means, let me know if you'd be interested in something like a discussion forum.