Crow Links

American Society of Crows & Ravens.

The American Crow
A font of information, FAQ, articles, images, and sounds.

A Gathering of Crows
Full of crow lore and mythology.

The Aviary
Another page devoted to Corvids

A strange assortment of crow & raven related stuff.

Corvid Tool Using
Thought only humans and apes used tools? Think again. The Behavioral Ecology Research Group site includes movies of crows not only using tools, but creating them...


Comics Links

Argon Zark
Charley Parker's whacked out cyberspace comedy is one of the first, and still one of the best web comics. Took me a while to realize that it wasn't just the whacky humour that reminded me of the Marx Brothers, Firesign Theatre, or the late lamented Max Headroom TV show - it was also the way he uses the medium to comment on itself.

Broken Saints
Requires the Macromedia Flash plug-in, and if you're on a slow connection, a buttload of patience. But it's worth it. An epic tale of occultism and conspiracy, Broken Saints is a terrific series. If you liked the RailWalker animation Keys, you'll probably enjoy this a lot, it's in a somewhat similar style.

Buster Wilde
"He's here. He's weer. He's shedding on the dance floor." It's really gotta be tough living life as a gay werewolf.

Clan of the Cats
The trials and tribulations of a modern were-cat. A little crude in the art department, but well written and entertaining.

The Gifted
A dark fantasy/occult adventure series. Last I checked, hadn't been updated in some time, but what's there is a fun read.

Kevin & Kell
Holbrook's strip is unique only in that it's created and syndicated only on the web. Otherwise, it's an amusing daily strip, competent and professional, on a par with the best of the "dead-tree" medium's daily strips.

Adventures of the little ninja. Not so much a comic strip as an animated film. Amazing what this crew has achieved doing traditional animation with Macromedia Flash.

Scott McCloud
Having to a great extent defined what "comics" is for a whole generation of readers with his landmark book Understanding Comics, Scott proceeds to push the envelope that he himself helped establish, with his own unique brand of web comics. In my estimation, Scott's experiments aren't always successful, but what the hell, that's what experiments are for - to find out what works and what doesn't. Successful or not, they're always interesting. Prepare yourself for some long downloads, but definitely check this site out.