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Novel Update: Darkwalker

Darkwalker (the novel formerly known as Wolf) is finally going to see print. It was picked up last year by Pink Narcissus Press, a small press I've done a number of covers for. The novel will be released in January 2014.

In the process, there were some pretty extensive revisions and rewrites. As it's been several years, and I've written four novels and several short stories since, I have a somewhat different perspective on writing than I did when I penned the first draft, and a lot more experience writing. The revisions were partly driven by the suggestions of my editor, Rev DiCerto (a brilliant writer in his own right), who caught every inconsistancy and continuity error I'd missed, and provided that acute outside eye that every writer needs, pointing out the forest when I was only seeing the trees, and vice versa. Without Rev, the book wouldn't be anywhere near as good as it is.

Initially, I was hoping to get another artist to do the cover - I felt I was too close to the work to do it justice. But in the end, deadlines loomed up too quickly, and there was no one available to get the work done in the time we had, so I jumped in with both feet. Not sorry it worked out that way, though. I'm pretty happy with the final painting, which was rendered in Corel Painter.

Hard copies are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or direct from the publisher, Pink Narcissus Press.

2012: Final Prayer

RailWalker fans should look out for a comics collection called 2012: Final Prayer.

According to some, the Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the world (or something like it) in 2012, and this anthology from Heske Horror, an independent publisher of horror comics, collects a variety of stories on that theme from a number of different of artists and writers.

The collection comes with two alternate covers - one intended for the US, one for the UK.

My own contribution, a short comics story called "Harkinton," is a tale of the aftermath of the apocalypse. Fans of the RailWalker At Rites series, or of Keys should be aware that this is not a tale of happy pagans dancing in the woods, nor of serious self-reflection... 2012: Final Prayer is a horror comic anthology, after all, so the story is a bit grim and violent. Brick doesn't appear as a character (though he is referenced), but there's another RailWalker involved...

What's that you say? Another RailWalker? See the section below on Wolf for more on that...

US Cover

UK Cover

Reviews of the anthology have been good so far, and several reviewers singled out Harkinton for praise:

"Now this I would actually love to see as an ongoing series...Eagleson truly has a jewel at the tip of his pencil!"
          -Alex Rodrik, Comics Bulletin

"Duncan Eagleson kicks it off with a violent tale of the wandering, sword-wielding Harkinton..."
          -Rod Lott, BookGasm

"HARKINTON is a well written, beautifully rendered story..."
          -Sebastian Piccione, Project Fanboy


Keys: Part Five
Flash, 5000 K

The previous chapter ended with Brick recounting the first time the Crows ever spoke to him - now we finally get to experience that encounter, and the first steps Brick took on the path toward becoming the Urban Shaman we know today.

The final chapter is a big one - it clocks in at 8 minutes, 45 seconds, almost 5 MB, so please be patient.

RailWalker: Keys
Part One
Flash Animation, 2750 K
Part Two
Flash, 2560 K
Part Three
Flash, 2500 K
Part Four
Flash, 2860 K
Part Five
Flash, 5000 K


Keys: The Complete Movie

For those high-bandwidth folks who want their Keys experience uninterrupted by chapter breaks, I'm making a couple of options available. You can watch online, or download to your own home machine, in either Flash or Quicktime form. If you're going to watch online, even with a fast connection, I'd suggest going with the Quicktime version - there may be lags between chapters in the Flash version.

I was hoping the Quicktime versions would allow pausing, but alas, Quicktime inherits Flash's method of handling sound, so pausing will still cause the sound and image to get out of synch.

Complete Keys in Flash
Complete Keys in Quicktime

Complete Keys in Flash - Zip Archive
Complete Keys in Flash - Stuffit Archive
Complete Keys in Quicktime - Zip Archive
Complete Keys in Quicktime - Stuffit Archive

A Good Night to Die

Long out of print, the very first RailWalker story has now been reformatted for the web. 
A Good Night to Die
HTML with GIF animations

The Call: 9-1-1

The CallPart of the Shaman's job is to conduct the dead from this world to the next. Sometimes that's even tougher than it sounds.

The Call   Flashed HTML

RailWalker at Rites

Shamans and witches and psychics, oh, my!

Brick discovers there's a whole sub culture of people who walk paths as strange as his when he attends the pagan festival called Rites of Spring.

Railwalker at Rites  HTML

Where's the intro?

Flash intro pages have been done to death. They were cool when we first started using them - even if many of them were overdone. New to animating, I got caught up in the enthusiasm, and initially opened the RailWalker site with an 870K animated intro. But I noticed that after the first few weeks, even I bookmarked the second index page, so I could skip the animation. I decided enough, already. If you want to see the original intro, it's here:

RailWalker Flash Intro